Unlocker 1.9.2

This utility allows you to unlock, delete, rename or move locked files

When working with a file, Windows programs usually lock it so that it can't be tampered with, meaning it cannot be renamed, moved, deleted or edited. For example this may happen when you're listening to an audio file, editing a document or watching a movie. This protects against data corruption. Unfortunately, on some rare occasions, a buggy program "forgets" to unlock the file when it no longer uses it. Unlocker is a program that can save you some time in these situations. Instead of rebooting your computer, you can simply right click on the locked file and then perform the desired action. The utility is simple yet effective, allowing you to quickly kill the process that is protecting the file, unlock it without ending the parent process or move, delete, rename the file.

It seems that the current version of this program has reached its maturity, having multiple interface languages, support for 64-bit Windows, a long list of bug fixes and small improvements. Personally, I couldn't find any bugs or poor behavior where it really matters but I did find a problem when selecting two or more files and then using Unlocker on them. Nothing happens. There is a technical reason for the lack of this functionality but no excuse for the lack of a dialog that offers an explanation, warning or error. This may mislead some users into thinking the utility is not working. Fortunately, the program allows you to scan an entire folder for locked files, allowing you to easily spot them and perform batch operations.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Very easy to use
  • Can process entire folders
  • Can work with file without killing locking process


  • When selecting two or more files and then using Unlocker on them, nothing happens
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